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Pandemic Solutions 2020

Creating an Effective Artistic Experience

Video sketch, used for making COME BACK (via Five Stage Approach) and later work. 


Excerpt: This is a Rock

From video series in-progress. Epilogue Ruins of Achelach. 2018


The Dance for Ruins of Achelach

Created to promote the Ruins of Achelach performance at Dixon Place, Oct. 2016


The Five-Stage Approach

Used in the iterations of COME BACK (via Five Stage approach)  2015


Dream Intercepted: An Appeal to David Lynch   2015

Video plea. For context see: Dream Intercepted and Search for Agent C


What Can We Learn from Atlantis  2014

Video version with voice-over text from live performance.


What Color is Heartache?  2014

Video with animation and original score, using silhouettes of people asked to meditate on a personal heartbreak. 


Energy Color Field Exercise #2: Glow  2013

Video with animation and guided meditation


Excerpt: Color Energy Field Exercise #1: Love

Video with animation and guided meditation.


I'm Alive  2013

Video collage imagining the union of two extraordinary things.


Afternoon with John  2013

Search for Agent C Trailer  2013

Learn more about the search.

The Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg Trailer 2013

Learn more.

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