Seeking Wisdom from the Matrilineal Line 

PAULINA (she is alone)

An embodied, site-specific investigation of interpretation, identity, and politics of place, that calls a past life to the present to reimagine one woman's story of survival in Poland.

She is alone (2017 -2018)

Presented as a bridge between two stories. Michelle had been looking for something else when the survival account of an unknown relative found her, powerfully demonstrating how history does not rest. 


Ruins of Achelach (2016 - 2017)

Performed at the intersection of premonition, research and reanimation: a genealogical mystery as it unfolds.

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Confronting a Father's Legacy

Come Back (2014 - 2016)

Daughter-meets-father between video archive and life on a quest to understand what a comeback really means.

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The Search for Agent Cooper

Search for Agent C (2010 - 2013)

campaign to make contact with a lost TV icon.

Dream Intercepted (2015-16)

A collectively backed appeal to bring Michelle to TV land.

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The Atlantis Drive

What Can We Learn from Atlantis? (2014)

A curious portrait of the growing obsession with a lost civilization.

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Meditations on Color and Love

Energy Color Field Exercises (2013-14)

A series of video guides centered on an area of human experience in which we are most vulnerable: love.

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Carl Sagan vs L Ron Hubbard

Reliable Sources (2013-14)

A permanently stalled one-woman-show, alternatively called "The Sagan/Hubbard Hypothesis."

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A Miraculous Apparition

The Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg, 2009-12

A multimedia experience inspired by the healing vision of a young man named Stromberg.

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