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She is alone

2017 ...

Ruins of Achelach


Performed at the intersection of premonition, research and reanimation, Ruins of Achelach shares a genealogical mystery as it unfolds.

Come Back


Daughter-meets-father between video archive and life on a quest to understand what it could mean to come back.

Dream Intercepted


An appeal to get inside the TV set.

What Can We Learn from Atlantis?

2013 - 2014

A curious portrait of the growing obsession with a lost civilization.

Energy Color Field Exercises

2013 - 2014

A series of video guides centered on an area of human experience in which we are most vulnerable: love.

Reliable Sources

2013 - 2014

A permanently stalled one-woman-show, alternatively called "The Sagan/Hubbard Hypothesis."

Afternoon with John


An encounter with an unlikely dance instructor, and what might have been.

Search for Agent C



A campaign to make contact with a lost TV icon.

The Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg


A multimedia experience inspired by the healing vision of a floating head of a guy named Stromberg.

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