Creating an Effective Artistic Experience

Video sketch, used for making COME BACK (via Five Stage Approach) and later work. 


The Dance for Ruins of Achelach

Created to promote the Ruins of Achelach performance at Dixon Place, Oct. 2016


The Five-Stage Approach

Used in the iterations of COME BACK (via Five Stage approach)  2015


Dream Intercepted: An Appeal to David Lynch   2015

Video plea. For context see: Dream Intercepted and Search for Agent C


What Can We Learn from Atlantis  2014

Video version with voice-over text from live performance.


What Color is Heartache?  2014

Video with animation and original score, using silhouettes of people asked to meditate on a personal heartbreak. 


Energy Color Field Exercise #2: Glow  2013

Video with animation and guided meditation


Excerpt: Color Energy Field Exercise #1: Love

Video with animation and guided meditation.


I'm Alive  2013

Video collage imagining the union of two extraordinary things.


Afternoon with John  2013

Search for Agent C Trailer  2013

Learn more about the search.

The Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg Trailer 2013

Learn more.